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Beautiful sense of relaxation

Mega-size hot spring bath with wide open space and a skylight with natural lighting
Beautiful indoor view with artistic beauty
Relaxing space to improve your health and enjoy atouching experienceThis is ‘HurShimChuing’

The Origin of Dongnae Hot Spring

In the ‘white crane’ legend of Dongnae hot spring, a white crane dipped its ailing legs into the hot spring and then flew away completely cured. An old woman who witnessed this put her own ailing legs into the hot spring water, and was also cured. The wondrous effect of the spring was well known in ancient times, and from the Silla dynasty onward, members of royalty and aristocracy often visited. During the Joseon dynasty, its fame spread even as far away as Japan, so that for many Japanese, it was a lifetime wish to bathe at least once in Dongnae hot spring. Dongnae hot spring is even more of a favorite these days as part of a ‘health course,’ in combination with a hike on neighboring Geumjeong Mountain.

Cross-section of HurShimChung SPA water and water supply system

Characteristics of the water at HurShimChung SPA

Dongnae hot spring is an alkaline, low-salt spring with the highest concentration of magnesium in Korea, featuring colorless, odorless water of clear and pure quality. Dongnae hot spring possesses high water temperatures of 46℃~60℃, and is especially renowned for its beneficial effect on disorders like rheumatism, neuralgia, wounds, back pain, muscle aches, after-effects of trauma, poor circulation, and women's diseases.

As a sustainable source of high quality hot spring water that is never depleted, even after centuries of use, Dongnae hot spring has abundant stores of water. The water supply at HurShimChung spa uses only natural hot spring water drawn from a 100% proprietary well developed by HurShimChung.

About the facilities at HurShimChung

HurShimChung’ urban health spa – an enjoyable space for relaxation and healthful rejuvenation This enormous spa occupies some 1,300 pyeong (4,300㎡), and is able to accommodate a total of 3,000 spa-goers, with about forty different baths including the longevity bath, hinoki wood bath, cave bath, and an open-air outdoor bath. There are also a variety of special event baths that use natural bath powders and seasonal Oriental herbal medicine ingredients according to the time of year.

Furnished with super-size hot spring baths in wide open spaces with skylights letting in natural light, the spa has beautiful interiors that reflect a fine architectural charm, offering a distinctive relaxing experience found only at HurShimChung. Other facilities like jjimjilbang saunas are also available for enjoying a relaxing and pleasant time with your family.


  • B1/B2PARKING LOT RV vehicles are not allowed to enter (Please use the parking buildings instead)
  • 1FRESTAURANT Bakery, Japanese Restaurant, German Beer House, Drug Store
  • 2FBanquet Hall Banquet halls (large, medium and small) and wedding halls (hotel passageway)
  • 3FGrand Resting Room Jjimjil (Korean dry sauna) facilities as well as N.Cafe & N.Snack and fitness center
  • 4FGRAND SPA Front desk, locker room, barbershop and shoe repair room